woensdag 28 april 2010

where my party people at-

Today I had my last lessons at my school! and now I have vacation :) I am so happy, I think it is going to be a great vacation! There are quite a lot of parties.. Tomorrow is 'Piraat Van Oranje', that is a party in a huge partytent.. Friday it is 'Koninginnedag' and Saterday we are going  to the 'keet'. the 'keet' is .. hmm.. how should I say? it is illegal here in the Netherlands, it looks like a big caravan, but . well, I don't know how to describe, but it is always fun there. And after the 'keet' there comes Liberation day ( don't know how to call it in my bad english xd ) and that is going to be really nice, because last year it was a very nice party. But there is something I have to do during this holiday.. I really need to study,  cause I have to do my final exams about 2 weeks or so.. Ohja, last weekend I went to Grou, there was a 'pleinfeest' a party on a square, that was for the opening of the water season, and I really really really had a good time! I danced on stage with my girls, and we did a lot of crazy things haha! maybe things you don't want to know xd.

I don't know what to post.. I think this is very boring for you.. 'cause I don't have any pictures in this post, and maybe your not interested by my story haha. Ooooh something really not funny, my boyfriend ( since 24-09-'08 ) has to go to Germany for 6 or 8 weeks for his internship. I am really sad about it.. If I have not seen him for 3 days now, I am going crazy 'cause I miss him so much.. but now he has to go for f#$%cking 6 / 8 weeks !!! can you imagine? His name is Wessel. ( if I hadn't say that earlier ^^ )

I look a little weird on that first picture haha xd.
(and yes, a picture in my post! )
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox maureeeeeen

8 opmerkingen:

  1. dankje voor je lieve berichtje! de nagellak is van catrice en maar 2,50 euro.

  2. ahw, wat een schattige foto, die 1e =]

  3. Sterkte met het missen van je vriend awh!
    Veel plezier morgen!

    &thanks voor je comment:)

  4. aah wat stom dat je vriend zo lang weggaat:( succes! en en je bent schattig:D

  5. Hee, jij volgde mijn blog. Maar nu heb ik mijn blogtitel veranderd en kun jij de updates van mij niet meer lezen! Als je stopt met volgen en me dan weer opnieuw gaat volgen, kun je dit probleem verhelpen. Ik hoop dat je me opnieuw wilt volgen!

  6. you are so so pretty! you guys are cute together and son't worry, time flies!

  7. ik bewerk het meestal gewoon met photofiltre!

  8. haha dankje voor je comment! I love grapes too! :D