woensdag 9 maart 2011

gracias a ti.

when i listen this song, i just feel butterflies in my stomach.
i am such a bad blogger. i cant promiss i'll post something new in the future.

vrijdag 26 november 2010

oh you fancy

hot hot hot hot. what else can i say? hot.

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

is life worth living, should i bless myself?

the 3th girl, gosh i love her skirt and het tshirt. i'm searching for a shirt like that for a long time, but never found the perfect one. i think a harley davidson shirt is so so so cool, it has the same style like the shirt she wears.. but i can't find a shirt like that.. help? aaaaaand, the last  girl on the picture.. i think her outfit is also pretty.

haha silly post i know, but i am sooo bored at school.
but ladies and gentleman, i will post more soon haha.

love, maureen-

maandag 11 oktober 2010

VILA clothes

well.. i dont know what i want to become in the future, so i do a orientation training. i have to do several internships, and now my internship is by VILA, a clothingstore. i had to make pictures for my report.

oh and bytheway, i bought that shirt in black with the bow, and i also bought that shirt on the picture above.. the first shirt with the three euhm i dont know what they are.. they look like roses to me. normaly i dont buy much clothes by de VILA, but it's different now, 'cause i have to look at the clothing all day long.. then i think, well it's not that bad ! and i get 20% off !!!!!!! lucky me.

woensdag 1 september 2010

he mr. carter

haaaaaaaai, long time no see! i am not that much on my computer anymore haha. i have to go to schoool, to my friends, and ofcourse my boyfriend. but anyway, i don't know what to post now.. so this is again a very silly post.
ooooooh i am so excited for the ZARA online shop! ZARA will be launch the online shop tomorrow, finally !!
when i get home tomorrow, i will chek the site.. 'cause i so need new clothes.

zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

go shawty, it's your birthday

jeeeej, Jildou is finally 16! happy birthdaaaaaaay! it is a bit sad, 'cause today i have to work in a restaurant till 20:00 our.. then i have to go home, change my outfit, get the present for the bday girl, and then back on my bicycle to jildou. and then it's maybe 9 'o clock. so i can't be there her whole birthday..
and, my aunt her birthday is also today, so i had to cancel that.

now i am going to take a shower, get ready and go to work..    -.-
loooove, maureen

oh oh oh , we were so little and cute and sweet.
now, i'm still little, we're still cute, but gosh we are so mean.
don't mind my serious face.

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

oehoe oehoooerend hard.

second but small post for today
the ring on my right hand are new..
bought them on marktplaats. (again rings from marktplaats hihi :) )

there is no gettin' over ..

oeeeh i really like the H&M autumn season 2010.

( i just love the dress with the sort of flowers !! )
(aren't they cute? )


zaterdag 31 juli 2010

c-r-u-s-h, yeah i got one really bad

this is my new ring. it's a harley davidson ring.
bought it on marktplaats. that's a sort of e-bay.
love, maureen

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

i don't know what it is but, i love you

i am not blogging al lot lately.. i went to terschelling with jildou, we visited our friends on the campsite and we stayed for 3 days. we liked it so we're going again in august. tonight there is a party in grou, that's near by where i live. i am not very excited, because i am very very tired, but i just go because if i don't and it is going to be a great party then i will miss the joy. i have a few new things i like to show you.
(gosh my english is sooooo bad haha, don't care.)

ring - vintage

earrings - gift from my boyfriend

this ring - gift from my sister

blazer - H&M
Tshirt - pimkie
skirt - H&M
legging - don't know, my mother bought it haha :)

love, maureen