zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

go shawty, it's your birthday

jeeeej, Jildou is finally 16! happy birthdaaaaaaay! it is a bit sad, 'cause today i have to work in a restaurant till 20:00 our.. then i have to go home, change my outfit, get the present for the bday girl, and then back on my bicycle to jildou. and then it's maybe 9 'o clock. so i can't be there her whole birthday..
and, my aunt her birthday is also today, so i had to cancel that.

now i am going to take a shower, get ready and go to work..    -.-
loooove, maureen

oh oh oh , we were so little and cute and sweet.
now, i'm still little, we're still cute, but gosh we are so mean.
don't mind my serious face.

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