donderdag 8 april 2010

I knew you would take all my honey

This is a disaster. I finally got the money to buy everything I want.. So I went to to order the things I wanted. But everything was sold out! I was so excited to buy finally the military jacket and the blazer, but now I am disapointed.. I have to go to see if it's sold out in the shop. I hope not! Oh, and last week I went to Groningen with Jildou, but we didn't buy much. Actually, Jildou did't buy anything, only something to drink. And I bought flat shoes, and a new wallet.


9 opmerkingen:

  1. the military jacket is soooo cute!!

    i want to buy one!!

    plz show us the military jacket if you can get it!!


  2. i've been wanting to get a blazer too.
    i hope you're able to find one. :)

    i am now your new follower. follow me too? :)

  3. love the jackets youve chosen
    you have a lovely blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing as always, darling!
    and thanks for your kind comments


  4. Hoi, ik heb je genomineerd voor een award.
    Hij staat op m'n blog ^^

  5. love the military jacket!

  6. Dat linker jasje is echt geweldig!
    Ik heb 'm ook al een paar keer in de winkel gezien.
    Wat heb je een leuke blog & stijl!
    elkaar volgen? ik volg je!